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Kung Fu Classes

Wing Chun Martial Arts A Modern Approach to Traditional Martial Arts

IMAS - Integrated Martial Arts System

A Message from Dai Sifu Vik Hothi

Thank you for visiting us here at IMAS Martial Arts, this site will offer you extensive information about the wonderful martial art of Wing Chun and the IMAS organisation as a whole.

Above: IMAS 2013 - 4 year olds performing Flowfit and students with only 2 months training defending themselves successfully in a variety of self defence situations! Just another day at Berkshires premier Wing Chun and martial arts centre - IMAS! If you have an event coming up and would like IMAS to partake please Get in touch.

Vik Hothi If you are looking to learn martial arts, self defence, get in shape, be safe on the street and at the same time learn valuable life skills such as respect, courtesy, patience, integrity and self control you have come to the right place.

One of our key objectives at IMAS is to help all of our students, achieve self discipline, a positive out-look, build self esteem and generate a spirit of constant improvement together with an attitude that never refuses to give up. It is clearly evident amongst our current students that these values and life skills have lead to steady improvements in academics, careers, and relationships.

You are more than welcome to come to one of our lessons for a FREE TRIAL, to find out more, contact myself or any member of my team today.

I look forward to seeing you at a class soon.

Tacfit UK

Why Train with IMAS?
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Our very own state of the art Dojo
IMAS is VERY proud to have opened it's very own one of a kind purpose built Martial Arts training and fitness academy of excellence. More info...

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Comprenhensively trained full time instructors
Our instructors have undergone years of rigourous training and assessment. More info...

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Regular progress assessments
Our team will build your progress plan and help you reach your personal training objectives More info...

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Fitness training
A unique training system to help progress our students in their martial arts training More info...